Maternity Shared Care
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Maternity Shared Care

During your pregnancy, you may visit both an obstetrician and your own general practitioner, which is known as maternity shared care. A shared care arrangement is one in which a GP collaborates with a hospital or other maternity facility. Some of your prenatal visits are with your primary care physician, and you also have appointments with the hospital in the early and late stages of pregnancy. GP shared care is available in most public hospitals.

Why do Some Expecting Mothers Prefer Shared Pregnancy Care?

The Maternity Shared Care approach to manage your pregnancy and delivery has many advantages. It gives you access to a highly skilled obstetrician of your choice, as well as the convenience and consistency of visiting your regular GP.

  • Continuity

You’ll continue to share your pregnancy care with your Ayurvedic doctor and general practitioner if you have a good connection with them. Your GP will also be able to talk directly with your obstetrician during your pregnancy.

  • Convenience

Book GP appointment online for all blood tests and scans at a facility close to your house, if you share your prenatal care with your local GP. You’ll make fewer journeys into town, avoiding traffic and parking at the hospital.

  • Cost

Patients who use podiatry services and private shared care save a lot of money since most of them have private health insurance that covers obstetrics. Please contact the rooms if you do not have private health insurance or are not insured by Medicare. We can offer information regarding being a self-funded patient, including the expenses of the hospital where you would want to give birth.

  • Care

You may spend time at One Health Medical Centre as part of your postnatal treatment, depending on hospital availability.

Is the Collaborative Care Structure Beneficial?

Collaborative care, as the name suggests, involves several healthcare professionals working together on a single woman’s care plan. This partnership between providers must be based on mutual understanding and respect, with the aim of achieving the best possible results for the mother, her newborn(s), and her family.

Each provider brings a distinct set of abilities to the table, which compliment one another and expand the scope of a woman’s care plan. The following professionals may be engaged in collaborative pregnancy care – family physicians, midwives, obstetricians, nurses and practitioners.

Other health experts that may be part of the woman’s care team include physical therapists, dieticians, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, and/or neonatologists, depending on the woman’s and her baby’s particular requirements and preferences. Lactation specialists, social workers, and doulas are all possible participants.

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The benefits of a shared care pregnancy

Some women like shared care because it means they can receive most of their maternity care from a GP who they are familiar with and who works close to their home or workplace. It also means that the same GP who has cared for you during the pregnancy can continue to care for you and your baby in the weeks and months after birth.

If English is your second language, your GP might speak your first language and be more aware of your cultural needs. GPs are also trained to deal with other relevant issues such as monitoring your mental health during the pregnancy and in the postnatal period and the provision of contraception.

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