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About Craigieburn One Health Medical Centre

Craigieburn One Health Medical is a medical hub of services across the board of General Medical, Specialist Medical, Emergency Medical and Allied Health. It brings together multi-disciplinary health care providers to deliver primary health care services aimed at addressing the health care needs and priorities of their local communities.

Vision Statement

“We envision a world where we help people to bridge the gap between health, wellness and wellbeing. Everyone deserves the right to access high quality medical care and this is the underlying driver behind our brand.

Our company will embody fairness, understanding and generosity. Taking responsibility for our actions will give our efforts a sense of purpose and meaning beyond our basic financial goals.”

 Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide the best, most comprehensive care to patients without sacrificing convenience or the overall patient experience. Our strong principles and values will shape the way in which we treat our patients and manage our business. Our aim is to give the highest possible quality of care by partnering with the dedicated health professionals who ensure excellence in all aspects of their practice.”

“We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Staying true to our brand values.
  • Maintaining flexibility to adapt to the community.
  • Remaining compliant and professional in our operation.
  • Ensuring we have qualified healthcare professionals.
  • Keeping our promises.”

“We commit to running our business based on our core values:

  • Accessible & inclusive (bulk-billed Medical Hub Clinic).
  • Quality & professionalism in all we do (high standards).
  • Continuous improvement & innovation (a mediocrity-free environment).
  • RICH action (Respect, Integrity, Intentionality, Caring, Honesty, Humility).
  • Placing value on our customers – service-first focus.”
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