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Why Osteopathic Specialist?

Osteopathy is a kind of Allied Health Care that uses physical and movement-based treatment to treat patients. Expert osteopathic treatment in Craigieburn is based on the principle of treating the entire person. A physical examination is done depending on the presenting health problem after a complete medical history is taken. Then, utilising a number of methods, a treatment plan is created to restore and enhance pain and function.

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Complications with Foot

Alike the realm of emergency dental care, because of the significant growth in the number of people with diabetes, the number of persons with diabetes-related complications, such as foot ulcers or lower-limb amputations, is also on the rise. Foot ulcers and amputation are related to peripheral artery disease (PAD) and neuropathy, and are associated with a high rate of death (nerve damage).

Diabetes patients are 23 times more likely than non-diabetic patients to have a toe, foot, or lower limb amputated. Patients with diabetic foot ulcers have an alarmingly high death rate. Patients with diabetic foot ulcers and those who have had amputations had higher death rates than those with breast or prostate cancer, with one research indicating mortality rates as high as 44% within five years.

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What do Podiatrists Do at Their Clinic?

A podiatrist is a specialist in podiatric medicine who diagnoses and treats problems with the feet, ankles, and other leg structures.

A podiatrist may do the following tasks on a daily basis:

  • Diagnose foot problems such as ulcers, tumors, and fractures.
  • To cure problems, try new approaches.
  • Correct abnormalities using corrective orthotics, casts, and strappings.
  • Balance and proper walking patterns are essential.
  • Provide patients with one-on-one counselling.

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Examination of the Medical/Physical

To provide you with a clinical diagnosis of your illness, our osteopathic specialist conducts a thorough medical and physical examination.

Treatment by Osteopaths

At our reputed osteopathic clinic, we deploy stretching, massage, muscle energy technique, and joint mobilisation in full-body manual physical therapy to enhance bodily function and relieve pain.

Dry Needling and Cupping

Our expert osteopathic physician often utilise the cupping and dry needling as two techniques to help one feel better. By putting needles into certain trigger sites, dry needling may help alleviate pain and muscular spasms. Cupping involves putting cups on the skin and generating a suction to relieve pain and eliminate toxins.

Sports Taping and Kinesio

Taping is a kind of rehabilitative therapy for muscle diseases and lymphatic problems including persistent edema, much like mental health therapy services.


Based on the patient’s requirements and circumstances, a personalised rehabilitation program is created with our pathology services. To enhance the patient’s result, rehabilitation regimens are tweaked after each session.

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