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Many of our patients have asked themselves “is there a clinic that offers bulk billing pathology near me?” only to find out that our pathology lab at Craigieburn One Health Medical Centre has been here all along. Craigieburn One Health is a trusted Craigieburn GP clinic that also offers a quality, dependable and friendly bulk billing pathology service. Next time you need Craigieburn, Greenvale or Epping pathology, our St Vincent’s pathologists are available to assist.

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What is Pathology?

Pathology is the branch of medicine that studies the nature and causes of diseases. This is done by examining changes in the body tissue or other types of body fluids in the samples provided by patients or doctors. Such changes can confirm causes of disease or indicate the severity of a condition. This process can also be followed to monitor the progress of treatments.

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What Does a Pathologist Do?

A pathologist is a specialist medical practitioner that works in the field of pathology. Some pathologists are directly involved in providing patients with the medical care they need, while other pathologists work with other GPs, medical specialists and health care providers.

A pathologist is available to conduct breath, glucose, urine and stool pathology tests, as well as other types of tests on blood, body fluid or tissue samples acquired during a surgical procedure or from pathology collection centres at a doctor’s request. A pathologist will examine such samples to determine the cause of an illness or to monitor how the treatment for the illness is progressing.

It is very common for a pathologist to communicate only with the medical practitioner or specialist who referred their patient to the pathologist, and therefore the pathologist will not likely have any communication with the patient. The pathologist will send the results of the tests conducted and their interpretations to the patient’s GP.

Pathology Tests at Craigieburn One Health

  • Anatomical pathology test
  • Haematology test
  • Infection / microbiology test
  • Immunopathology
  • Pathology urine test
  • Stool pathology tests
  • Chemical pathology test
  • Molecular biology test
  • Breath test pathology
  • Pathology glucose test
  • Transfusion medicine / blood management test
  • Liver function test pathology
  • Serum pathology test

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