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Immunisations Immunisations

Vaccines and vaccination policy are regulated in most countries by laws and r

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Health Assessments Health Assessments
Health Assessments

The twenty-first century is the century of hustling and fast-paced living, in wh

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Travel Vaccinations Travel Vaccinations
Travel Vaccinations

Vaccination is a simple, safe, and efficient method to protect yourself from

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Pre-Employment Medicals Pre-Employment Medicals
Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-employment medical assessments are a workforce risk management tool used to

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Diabetes Testing Diabetes Testing
Diabetes Testing

Diabetes mellitus is a set of metabolic disorders characterized by hyperglyce

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Maternity Shared Care Maternity Shared Care
Maternity Shared Care

During your pregnancy, you may visit both an obstetrician and your own genera

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General Practice General Practice
General Practice

If you’ve been looking for the best GPs in Craigieburn, book a GP a

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    Craigieburn One Health Medical Centre

    craigieburn health service

    Craigieburn One Health is a multi-disciplinary and bulk billing medical centre that offers a wide range of services. We have a team of skilled, experienced and caring health care providers who can address the needs and priorities of the local community. Whether you need general health advice, pathology tests, rehabilitative physiotherapy or reliable dental care, you can rest assured that your health will be in good hands with the GPs and allied health professionals at our Craigieburn and Greenvale clinic.

    Our Services

    Our Craigienurn GP service offers quality care that bridges the gap between health, wellness and wellbeing. You can visit our fully staffed and well-equipped GP walk in clinic to be seen and assessed face-to-face. We also have a telehealth doctor who can provide advice and other services remotely. Our comprehensive range of health care services includes:

    • General Practice – Our general practitioners are fully qualified to provide health advice and treat various medical issues for patients of all ages. They aim to develop a thorough understanding of your circumstances and conditions.
    • Pathology – We offer pathology services that examine different types of body samples to identify and confirm diseases, including their cause and severity. A pathologist will send the results and interpretations of pathology tests to our GP who can provide further advice.
    • Dental Care – We have dentists in Craigieburn who can provide affordable care for locals. Our dental services encompass tooth extractions, tooth implants, root canal and crown treatments, teeth whitening, dental bonding and emergency treatments.

    In addition, we can provide various immunisations and travel vaccinations to protect you and your family from infections and diseases. We also offer detailed health assessments and early diagnosis using advanced imaging technologies, diabetes testing to assess blood glucose levels, pre-employment medicals to screen individuals for risk factors, physiotherapy to improve mobility and strength, and more. Discuss your concerns or requirements with us to receive the best service and care.

    Make An Appointment Today

    Craigieburn One Health Medical Centre is an excellent choice for multi-disciplinary and bulk-billing health care services. Contact us today to make an enquiry or book an appointment.